Self-rearmable differential 4 poles 63A 30mA Class A immunized
Self-rearmable differential 4 poles 63A 30mA Class A immunized
Self-rearmable differential 4 poles 63A 30mA Class A immunized
Self-rearmable differential 4 poles 63A 30mA Class A immunized

Self-rearmable Differential Circuit Breaker RCD 4 poles 63A 30mA Class A immunized

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Differential switch with automatic reset,class A immunized, single phase 63A 30mA.

  • Homes: refrigerators, alarms, garage doors...
  • Services: air conditioning, cold rooms, lighting.

Insulation reconnection mode, only reconnects when the defect that caused the shot has disappeared.

Ref: DRECC4P6330

Esquema eléctrico diferencial 4 polosSimbolo diferencial tipo A

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Self-rearmable electrical differential switch, 63A 30 mA, category "A", 4 poles for protection of people against insulation/derivation problems in installations or electrical elements. Specially recommended for use in live.

The automatic reset system will allow a reconnection in the face of an untimely firing of the same, not produced by a permanent current of derivation. The self-rearmable differential will perform automatic reconnection by successive time sequences, controlling the isolation conditions, so that it will not reconnect until the defect that caused the shot has disappeared. This maintains maximum safety and continuity of electrical service, avoiding unnecessary reconnection attempts.

This system is very useful in homes for sporadic use or where the loss of electric service can cause losses in food, safety systems, sewage treatment systems, etc.

Applications: This equipment is specially designed to be installed in all installations where a full guarantee of continuity of service is needed in the face of unforeseen situations that cause the differentials to be fired for reasons other than electrical insulation.

  • Housing sector, refrigerators, alarm systems, garage doors...
  • Services sector, air conditioning systems, cold rooms, lighting, UPS....
  • Industrial sector, critical production process control

Using a front switch we can override the automatic reconnection system.

This type of differentials are electromagnetic operating, which allows not to lose the safety function in case of variations in supply voltage or loss of the neutral conductor; only with the derivation in the active phase does the differential fire occur.

Technical details:

  • Manufacturer/Supplier: VMC
  • Ref: DRECC4P6330
  • Number of poles: 4
  • Class: A immunized
  • Type of operation: electromechanical
  • Employment voltage: 240/400Vac
  • Nominal intensity (In): 63A
  • Sensitivity ( I'n): 30mA
  • Cutting power: 6kA
  • Number of re-expressions: 3
  • Time between re-interconnections: 3/20/180s
  • Partial counter zeroing time: equal to the last time between re-expressions
  • Safety interlock: by means of a disconnect lever
  • Regulations: EIC61008, EN50557
  • Connection capacity: 25mm2 cable
  • Dimensions: 91mm (4 modules)

Dimensiones autorrearmable 4 polos DREC


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