Find here the single-phase or three-phase transformer that you need
At we offer you a wide selection of single-phase and three-phase transformers for control, control, maneuver, signaling, swimming pools and other general applications functions.

Depending on your needs here you will find transformers of greater or lesser power. In addition, this variety of transformers has different output voltages in each of them, selectable by bridges.

All the transformers available in this section have a degree of protection of the transformer of IP-00, IP-20 and IP-23. Do not hesitate to acquire quality for your electrical circuit at


  • Single-phase transformers

    Single-phase transformers for maneuver and control.

  • Safety transformers for pool lights

    Transformers for pools, fountains, gardens and wet areas.
    Find in this section a wide range of single-phase transformers specially designed for lighting applications in swimming pools, fountains and gardens, not ruling out other applications in humid areas where a high degree of safety is needed.

  • Single-phase and three-phase autotransformers

    Single-phase and three-phase autotransformers for voltage adaptation.
    Single-phase and three-phase reversible autotransformers for voltage adaptation in machinery, motors, electrical installations, ...

  • Current transformers

    Current transformers
    In this section you will find a wide selection of current transformers to be used as measuring elements, high precision.