Safety limit switch with angled key - Giovenzana
  • Safety limit switch with angled key - Giovenzana

Safety limit switch with angled key - Giovenzana


Security limit switch with key interlock that can be entered in 5 directions. Degree of protection IP-67. Possibility of security control by 2 channels.

2 contacts available (select in the side menu), with 2 types of action, slow or fast.

Disposición de contactos para finales de carrera de seguridad serie STNK

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Safety limit switch, STNK series, with key design angled for blocking, to adapt to the front edge of the slide protections, hinges or lifting.

The head is rotatable and double groove, which can offer different possibilities of mounting the actuator.

The operation of the switch is produced by the introduction of the key, made of stainless steel, which is permanently mounted on the protection door.

It has one NC safety contact or two NC contacts, positive opening. It has a degree of protection IP-67.

Disponsición de contactos final de carrera seguridad STNK

The limit switch housing is made of glass fiber reinforced technopolymer, self-extinguishing or anti-shock, double insulated.


Technical characteristics:

  • Manufacturer: Giovenzana.
  • Series: STNK.
  • Number of contacts: 2.
  • Contact with positive opening: Contact NC.
  • Job category: AC15 / 600.
  • Rated thermal current (Ith): 10A.
  • Rated insulation voltage: 600Vac.
  • Insulation resistance: 100MΩ min. (DC500V).
  • Contact resistance: 25mΩ max. (Initial).
  • Drive path for positive opening: Various.
  • Maximum switching frequency: 2 cycles / sec.
  • Housing material: Polybutene terephthalate with UL approved glass fibers.
  • Actuator material: Stainless steel.
  • Working temperature: -25ºC..80ºC.
  • Mechanical durability: 1,000,000 cycles min.
  • Electric durability: 150,000 cycles min.
  • Cable entry: M16.
  • Fixation: 2xM4.
  • Standards: EN60947-5-1, UL508, EN50047, EN1088
  • Degree of protection: IP-67.

Instrucciones de montaje finales de carrera de seguridad

Dimensiones final de carrera de seguridad Giovenzana

Dimensions of elbow lock key

Dimensiones llave acodada final de carrera de seguridad STNK

Radius of rotation and dimensions for mounting with front or side lock. The head can be rotated and mounted in the 4 positions.

Montaje finales de carrera de seguridad llave acodada

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