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Enclosed disconnect switchs

Three-phase enclosed disconnet switch for various applications
If you need a three-phase rotary switch disconnector that is mounted in a enclousure and is suitable for the interruption, switching and connection of electrical circuits as well as for starting electric machines and motors, this section is of interest to you. Here you will find a wide selection of enclosed three-pole switches that act as main O-I switches.

In we submit all our products and electrical equipment to strict controls in order to provide our customers with high quality, completely safe products that contribute to the proper functioning of their facilities disconnet switches in a box that act as main switches O - I.

In this section you can enjoy different models of enclosed disconnet switches of different intensity so you can buy just the one that your installation or machinery needs. Do not wait any longer and buy it at an incredible price in our online store.
Main switches O - I.

Enclosed disconnect three-phase switch of high quality


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