Contactors 3-poles (three-phase)

If you need 3-pole electric contactors,equipped with high capacity for general electrical uses, motors, lighting or ventilation installations, among other uses, is in the right place. In this section you will find a wide variety of three-phase contactors with various amperage.

In ADAJUSA we put at your fingertips a select variety of three-phase contactors suitable for use in various electrical installations. Here you can get 3-pole contactors with various amperage,so you can purchase just the one you need.

All our magneto-thermal coil electric contactors are subjected to strict quality controls in order to ensure the quality and efficiency of them in electrical installations. In this section you can purchase high quality contactors at very competitive prices, receiving your order quickly and comfortably at your home or company.

In addition, here you can also purchase mechanical locking condemnations for contactors who will protect and keep your electrical installation and the use of the various contactors safe.
The contactor you need will find you in our section and at an exceptional price. Do not wait any longer and complete your electrical installation with quality elements.

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