Electrical Supplies

Electrical Supplies

All the electrical equipment you need is here!

In this section, you will find a wide selection of materials and electrical components suitable for all types of domestic and industrial applications. Here, you can acquire magneto-thermal and differential, transformers, automata and screens, appliques and lighting elements, thermal relays ... among many other electrical components. The quality of our products guarantees an exceptional security in your facilities.

Acquire quality in your electrical equipment in Adajusa


  • Circuit Breakers and differential switchs

    The circuit breakers (MCB) or residual current circuit breakers (RCCB) you need has it here

    At Adajusa.COM we provide you with a complete range of circuit-breaker and residual current circuit breakers (RCCBs) with which you can protect the electrical installation of your home or industry in a safe and efficient way. Depending on the model you need, you can find residual current devices (RCB) and circuit brakers devices (MCB) for currents ranging from 3A to 800A, with a cutting power of 6KA and 50kA, so that you choose the one you need.

    In addition, in this section you will find its magnetothermic circuit breakers available in 1 pole, DPN, 2 poles, 3 poles and 4 poles and their differential switches in 2 poles and 3 poles, with 30 and 300mA. Thanks to them you can protect the electrical installation, as well as all the equipment and devices connected to it.

    This type of elements includes two electrical protection systems, one thermal and one magnetic. For your part, with the differential switches available in this section you can select the appropriate current for your installation, thus guaranteeing the safety of people who have an accidental, direct or indirect contact with live elements.

    Undoubtedly, here you will find the electrical elements that best suit your needs.

  • Contactors and mini-contactors

    The electric three-phase contactor you are looking for, at the best price

    In this section we offer you a complete series of electric contactors and minicontactors, from 9A to 245A, for use in circuits, for the control of electrical elements or for starting engines and simple automations. The range of contactors up to 32A integrates an open (NO) or closed (NC) auxiliary contact, while contactors from 40A integrate 2 auxiliary contacts, one open (NO) and one closed (NC).

    On each three-phase contactor or any other type, auxiliary contact blocks of two types can be installed: Lateral (with 2 independent contacts) and Frontal (with 2 or 4 independent contacts). They can also arrange front time delayed blocks on or off.

    The entire range of electrical contactors can be mounted on DIN rail or screwed directly on the bottom. In addition, they are fully compatible with the LC1-D series. It is important to note that all this series of contactors are manufactured under the standards: CE, IEC 947-2, VDE 0660, BS 5452.

  • Thermal overload relays

    The thermal overload protection relay that you need

    In Adajusa.COM we offer a wide range of thermal protection thermal relays that act against overloads, high start times and prolonged blockage of motors in three-phase alternating current circuits. In addition, each available thermal relay incorporates test and stop buttons, manual / automatic service reset mode and mechanical disconnect indicator.

    A thermal relay has, as standard, auxiliary contacts that improve its operation and increase its safety. These auxiliary contacts are: 1 open (NO) and 1 closed (NC). The mounting of these relays can be carried out directly on the contactor or on DIN rail by means of an adapter. All our relays comply with IEC 60947-4, GB 14048, EN 60947-4, UL508.

  • Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

    The motor protector circuit breaker suitable to protect your motor

    In this section we offer you a wide range of circuit-breakers, adjustable circuit-breakers (motor protectors) for the protection of motors, with range from 0.16A. All of them of high quality, completely safe to be used in their facilities in a professional manner.

    The use of the motor protection circuit breaker is very common in the protection against circuit breakers and overloads in electric motors or machines, as well as, for use in circuits of alternating current of 50 / 60Hz. Maximum allowed voltage (Ue): 690V.

    The circuit breakers are operated by pushbuttons and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a DIN rail, thus adapting to the needs of their installation. They also offer the possibility of mounting auxiliary front and side contacts for more efficient operation.

    The elements of adjustable thermal protection are governed by the IEC 60947-4-1, 60947-2 standards established by the European Community.

  • Direct starters and star-triangle, soft starters

    Here you will find the starter and inverter that your installation needs.

    In this section, Adajusa.COM offers a large selection of starters for electric motors, direct, star-delta, soft starters and inverters of high quality that will allow you to choose the most suitable for your needs and those of your electrical installation. Here, you will find starters with start and stop buttons, with or without emergency switch, with or without circuit breaker ...

    A wide variety of combinations that will make it easier for you to acquire the one you need. Also, you can purchase star-delta starters, as well as modern soft starters (electronic) for motor start-up, as well as reversing inverters with contactors for electric motors.

  • Electromagnetic relays and solid state

    Relays and bases for general and industrial applications

    In this section you will find a wide selection of switching and power relays, with 2, 3 and 4 high-quality switched contacts (SPDT) suitable for industrial installations or general uses. The relays that we put at your fingertips are ideal for handling medium loads, due to their capacity. These materials integrate a flat pin for the correct connection on the base or to be welded, as well as a practical luminous indication.

    In addition to relays, you will also find different relay bases adapted to the various contacts available in each relay, as well as octal (for 8 pins) or undecal (for 11 pins) bases. Bet on safety and quality by acquiring relays and safe and effective bases.

  • Relays of control and protection, thermostats, temperature sensor

    Control and protection relays for diverse applications. Temperature controllers, thermostats, analog and digital, phase loss controllers, phase sequence.

  • Limited switchs and position detectors

    Limit switch and position detector you need

    In this section you will find a wide variety of limit switches and electrical position detectors for all types of general applications, suitable for use in various sectors and applications. Here, you will find common electric limit switches and mechanical position detectors, short-lever limit switches, electric pedals with protection cover for industrial and general use, limit switches with cable, magnetic detector sensors with cables ... among many other varieties of electrical materials, which will allow you to acquire the one you need.

    All the electrical materials that we put at your disposal strictly comply with quality and safety standards, which guarantee a safe and efficient installation.

  • Rotatory Switches - Disconnectors

    Rotatory switch disconnectors and three-phase cam switches

    adajusa.com offers a wide range of rotary switch disconnectors and cams suitable for interruption, switching and connection of circuits as well as starting of machines and motors, 3 poles and 4 poles.
    In addition, depending on your needs you can purchase your three-phase switch disconnector or your three-phase cam switch in various sizes, from 20A to 100A in the case of the disconnectors and from 20A to 160A the cam switches. Also, you can choose the color you want, being possible to choose between gray and yellow-red. Depending on its use and its disposition you will need a tonality or another.
  • Stump and electric fittings press

    Cable glands that ensure support and safety in the installations

    In this section you will find a wide range of glands and electrical fittings with a PG type thread, specifically from PG7 to PG36, or metric threads from M12 to M36, with nut included. All the cable glands that we put at your disposal are made of beige (gray) and black polyamide (Nylon).

    These materials are very suitable for the passage and fastening of electrical cables in junction boxes or other devices that require tightness such as motors or position detectors, among many others.

    The cable glands are supplied with a nut for correct fixing and provide a degree of protection IP68 (on cables or circular elements). The fixing and sealing is achieved through the use of a ring integrated into the inside of the stuffing box. They comply with the international IEC 698 regulations.

  • Control and signaling

    Safety in the hands of a good control and signaling system
    In this section, adajusa.com puts at your disposal a wide range of electrical control and signaling elements that will allow you to provide your facilities with greater security and greater control. Your facilities will be prepared for any type of unforeseen event.

    Here, you can find emergency electric pushbuttons of various colors, plastic or metal, luminous pilots with high brightness and performance, selectors, various boxes for push buttons and other accessories, push buttons and anti-vandalism light.

  • Electrical enclosures and metal enclosures

    Protect your electrical installations with metallic enclosures

    Adajusa.COM puts at your disposal a wide range of metal enclosures, in painted steel sheet, suitable to protect any work environment, such as paintings electrical distribution, machinery, air conditioning, air conditioning and heating & hellip; They can also be used as automation and control cabinets and cabinets for machinery, in addition to other similar applications.

    All the electrical cabinets that we put at your disposal include license plate of assembly and have a degree of protection IP66.

  • Boxes and enclosures in ABS and Polycarbonate

    Boxes and enclosures for the protection of your facilities

    Adajusa.es offers a wide variety of boxes and enclosures made of ABS or Polycarbonate material, suitable for the assembly of electrical elements and automations.

    In this section you can find distribution boxes and enclosures suitable for low voltage distribution and electrical automation installations, modular surface distribution boxes, suitable for differential switches, circuit breakers and circuit breakers, and boxes of Ø22 mm control elements.

  • Connection and assembly material

    Everything you need for mounting and connecting your installation will find it. here

    In this section you can find all the necessary material to make a connection and an efficient assembly of your facilities. Here, I could Acquire all types of material for connection, connection strips, terminals, ferrules, sockets, DIN rail and grooved channels.

    Be proactive and have everything ready before starting your installation and connecting the electrical elements. In this way the assembly will be fast, effective and completely safe.

  • Timer switchs - Timer relays

    The electric timer switch you need at the best price.

    In this section we put at your disposal an extensive variety of time switches and timer relays, electric timers, time programmers, both analog and digital timers, so you can regulate and perfectly control the operation of your facilities or machines.

    At Adajusa.es you can choose from a wide selection of timers relays, stair timers, analogue or digital, among other switches and programmers.

    Need what you need to control the correct timed operation of your installation or machine here you will find it. You do not hesitate and enjoy the quality of our products for an exceptional price.

  • Electric cables and hoses

    All the cables you need for your electrical installation

    In this section you can: Find a wide variety of cables designed especially for use in electrical installations. These cables have a halogen-free 750V insulator type H07Z1-K (AS) that provides greater security.

    In addition, Adajusa.COM offers you a great selection of unipolar, extra-slip cables, of different sizes and sizes, with a high flexibility that will make it easier for you. to a large extent the work of the electrical installation.

  • Autómatas y pantallas
  • Power supplies

    The power supply you need is waiting for you here
    In this section you will find a wide variety of power supplies, all with 24 Vdc (DC voltage) and available with various current currents. Depending on the current you need, you must purchase the corresponding power supply, here you will find power supplies from 1A to 10A (1A, 2A, 2.5A, 5A and 10A).

    The power supplies that we put at your disposal have the mode of operation switched. The quality of our products will allow you to carry out an electrical installation in a simple and safe way.

  • Transformer and Autotransformer

    Find here the single-phase or three-phase transformer and autotransformer that you need
    At adajusa.es we offer you a wide selection of single-phase and three-phase transformers and autotransformer  for control, control, maneuver, signaling, swimming pools and other general applications functions.

    Depending on your needs here you will find transformers and autotransformer of greater or lesser power. In addition, this variety of transformers has different output voltages in each of them, selectable by bridges.

    All the transformers available in this section have a degree of protection of the transformer of IP-00, IP-20 and IP-23. Do not hesitate to acquire quality for your electrical circuit at adajusa.com.

  • Variable frequency drive

    Variable frequency drive for ac motors, static frequency converters, 1-phase and 3-phase inverter driver.

  • Condensadores
  • Vacuostatos y presostatos
  • Instrumentos de medida
  • Domotica
  • Wall and lighting elements

    If you are looking for an extra light for indoor or outdoor this is your place

    In this section you will find & amp; Lamps of plaf & oacute; n that could use both to illuminate indoor and outdoor. In addition, you could choose your lamp in white or in black according to your needs.

    With our wall lights and lighting fixtures you can illuminate or complement the lighting of your terrace, patio, garage & hellip; in a very simple and effective way.

    The panels that we offer have a maximum power of 60W and include the degree of protection. IP-44. Their plastic material makes them the ideal lighting for outdoor, but also for interiors such as garages, warehouses or storage rooms.