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Differential MCB circuit breaker 25A 30mA (0.03A) AC class, Pole + Neutral. This device combines differential and MCB circuit breaker functions in a single element for the protection of people and lines. Using these elements simplifies connection and saves space in the distribution box.

Ref: RKP-1PN-C25A-30

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MCB circuit breaker and differential integrated into the same element, pole + neutral. This modular device, only 2 modules wide, seamlessly integrates a differential and a MCB circuit breaker, allowing a saving of space and in connection time.

The differential is high sensitivity 30mA (0.03A) non-adjustable. The protection of the MCB circuit breaker is on a phase by cutting the phase and neutral in case of action (Polo+Neutro). The trigger curve of the MCB circuit breaker is "C".

Technical details:

  • Manufacturer: LSis Industrial Systems
  • Reference: RKP 1P+1 C25A 30mA
  • Component type: differential MCB circuit breaker
  • Number of poles: Polo + Neutral
  • Class: AC
  • Employment voltage: 250Vac
  • Nominal Intensity (In): 25A
  • Sensitivity (I'n): 30mA. (0.03A)
  • Cutting power (Icu): 4.5kA
  • Curve: C
  • Maximum cable section: 10mm2
  • Width: 2 modules (36mm)


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