1+N Pole Circuit Breaker MCB

1+N Pole Circuit Breaker MCB

1-pole + Neutral miniature circuit breaker is in the correct section.

In Adajusa.com we put at your disposal a great variety of miniature circuit breakers with 1 more neutral pole, so you can select the one you need. You can also find suitable magnetothermic switches for domestic, tertiary use, as well as for use in the industrial sector. This type of electrical elements are designed for the protection of the entire electrical installation, including the electronic devices connected to it.

In this section we offer magnetothermic with an intensity of 6A to 40A, and a power of cut of 6KA. Bet on the qualities of the electrical installations with the guarantee of the products that we put at your disposal in Adajusa.com


  • Magnetotermico P+N - LSis

    Magnetotérmicos 1 Polo + Neutro. 

    Magnetotérmicos (Polo+neutro), marca LSis (LG Industrial Systems), para intensidades comprendidas entre 6A y 40A.

    Logotipo LSis

  • P+N Circuit breaker MCB - Hyundai

    1+N Pole Circuit breaker (MCB)

    Circuit Breakers (1+N Pole), brand Hyundai, for intensities between 6A and 40A.

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items